2.12 To the Lost: Jimmy Darmody

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i am going to look a+ cute in this shirt dress i’m making

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"I wish"
"I know"

i am listening to into the woods. this was my first sondheim, ahhh so beautiful.

and you’re back again
only different than before


Do you know what you wish?
Are you certain what you wish
Is what you want?


New from J.K. Rowling - Pensieve - Pottermore (31/7/14) 

Happy 34th Birthday Harry James Potter! (July 31)


Chris Pratt is actually the nicest most humble celebrity in the world. Fact.


this should be an oil painting

Last week, I may have gone too far. I’ll explain it quickly. Basically, I found out where he gets his clothes dry-cleaned. Custom ordered the same suit, made with tear-away velcro. And… you can fill in the rest.